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09/04/14 @ 05:00pm
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A proactive initiative between the Alliance for Lupus Research and Lupus Research Institute called LRxL STAT is focusing on identifying new treatments from among those approved for other conditions. This week, a prestigious expert committee is reviewing results and prioritizing the best candidates for clinical trials in lupus. We are hopeful about the prospect of more quickly developing safer therapies for those with lupus.

In 2012, the Alliance for Lupus Research held “Walk with Us to Cure Lupus” events across the country.  100% of all donations directly supports lupus research programs.  The ALR is leading the way by collaborating with international researchers.  Enjoy the video and know that we’re leading the way to a cure.

Dr. Paul Utz has always been fascinated by the way proteins trigger a dizzying succession of physical reactions in human cells. So he and fellow researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine began asking some rudimentary questions — Why does one protein hook-up with another? And why are subsequent biological repercussions so significant in disease? Read about how they’re utilizing silicon chips to study proteins as a potentially more effective diagnostic tool. Click on the photo to read the latest “Lupus Research Update.”

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03/10/12 @ 09:57am
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New developments in lupus research are making headlines and we want to keep you informed.  Click on the Lupus Research Update (LRU) logo to see the latest edition of the Lupus Research Update, which goes “back to the basics” with articles about two ALR-funded investigations that take a closer look at the immune system and the vital roles that T cells and B cells play.  Feel free to read our earlier LRUs for more on other interesting topics.

We had a busy and fun Lupus Awareness Month 2012.  From Collaborating for a Cure on World Lupus Day to our “Walk with Us to Cure Lupus” Walk events across the country, we hope you enjoy the video!